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Content Strategy

inbound is all about analysis.

We're shifting the way you do business. Instead of interrupting your customers with conventional marketing, we help you focus on creating content that they want to see and engage with. Content marketing is entirely customer oriented. We displace what's convenient for you, and instead shift that focus to what your customers find convenient and relevant to their needs.

By sharing relevant content with an ever-expanding audience, we help you empower your visitors into making informed purchasing decisions by attracting, converting, closing and delighting. Since you will be the one informing them, they'll develop a deeper level of trust with your business and will be more likely to buy from you.

Content Creation

Strangers > visitors > leads > customers > promoters

The majority of consumers do most of their due diligence before ever contacting a sales rep. The inbound methodology uses a dynamic mix of blogging, website optimization, social media, and delivery of other forms of content to convert visitors in to leads.

Entice potential customers to interact with you and develop a platform for communication with our content creation services. We help you convert strangers into customers, and get them to rave about your business.

Our content creation is essential to growing your lead lists and help you become a marketing mastermind.

Content Optimization

i have all these visitors, why aren't they buying?

You may be wondering how creating content actually helps you generate more business. The popular opinion is that more website visitors equals more sales. Unfortunately, that's not true. More website visitors might mean your business is getting more exposure, but that doesn't mean what visitors are finding compels them to interact.

We offer a suite of proprietary software that analyzes your viewership to gain demographic information, conversion rates, and behavior statistics. With this data we're able to track your website's performance, make changes and watch as visitors turn to customers.

Content Promotion

Let's get social!

Once you have content, sometimes it's hard to know what to do with it. How do you let your fans know about your efforts, and find new fans in the process? Get social with it!

At Driven IMS, our business was founded on promotion. If there's one thing that we get right, it's getting your customers excited about what you have to offer. Whether it's social media management, a text marketing campaign, or a promotional video, you might just find yourself with more fans than you currently know how to handle. Don't worry though, we're really good at helping you scale.

Content Maintenance

Times change, your content should too.

Content relevance has so much to do with what's currently happening that sometimes things become outdated. Part of what we do here at Driven IMS is help you stay relevant to your customers by keeping your old articles up with the times.

Updating old content shows search engines that you're committed to providing an outstanding user experience. Customers should feel like you're well informed, dedicated to your mission, and willing to provide them with up-to-date information whenever possible.

Content Reporting

Who saw what, where?

With all this content being released on your website, you might start to wonder what your customers are reading that makes them decide to buy. Driven IMS solves this issue with our content reporting.

We're able to see your customers actions in live time and record trends. With better data, we can build better content strategy. When a customer buys, you'll know every action they took on your website, giving you more time to focus more on the right kinds of clients, and keep them coming back for more.

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